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Corona Magnetics manufactures a wide range of electro magnetic components to your specifications, or designed to meet your custom needs. We’ve been doing this for 40 years.

We do not offer off-the-shelf products, and most of our products are protected by non-disclosure agreements, so you won’t find a catalog or search engine here. Instead, each part is created to your specifications.

Customer service
We take pride in our customer service. You will always get a human being when you call. That person will be able to help you with your inquiry and you will be able to speak directly to whoever is needed to solve your problems, be it a sales person, a design or quality engineer, or even the production manager.

Design expertise
Our engineers have been creating magnetics solutions for over thirty years. They are expert at determining your needs and then providing the solution that most suits you, be it a low cost commercial product, or a one-of-a-kind ultra-high-reliability specialty device. Your design engineer will interface directly with purchasing, production, and quality to effect an in-your-face, hands on knowledge lacking in most companies today.

Production know-how
Our production personnel combine the best of both worlds. They work from carefully controlled documentation, but know enough to recognize a problem or improvement. They know how to utilize that knowledge without compromising the rigid controls required in today's market. All aspects of production are documented and all actions are recorded for full traceability of operators, materials, and equipment.

Quality control
Our quality control processes our first rate and our reject rate controls to be envy. Our effectiveness is based on hard work, vast experience, and careful attention to detail.

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