Our production staff are all highly trained people with an average of twenty years on the job.

One-on-one and group training certification assures the highest level of skill. Our strong effort attitude keeps everybody on their toes looking for possible errors or potential cost savings.


Some of our equipment is 40 years old, and some is state of the art computer controlled stuff.

The old stuff usually works better, but the new stuff can be more fun.


Our facility, in Corona , California , is a modern, 17,000 square foot building custom built by Corona Magnetics for optimal efficiency.

Everything is under one roof which gives us total control and allows us to offer quick response.

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Corona Magnetics maintains an custom/specialty inventory of materials. This means prototypes and short runs can often be made from materials already at hand.

Even if we donít have the exact right materials, ideas can be quickly tested using materials close to what the final configuration will be, shortening development time, and reducing costly trips down the wrong road.